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How do i create a profile?

To create a profile just follow the profile creations steps and hit next to go to the next page. You finish to create your profile when all the pages are completed after you chose your nickname.

Start to define your gender on the top of the page and just press ''next'' to access the other pages.

How do i change my post?

To change your post, go on your profil page, and from there choose between different categories, edit back the section from your previous post and press ''Post now''.

How do i block someone annoying?

To block a user simply go under the rated categories on his profile and click ''block profile''

What should i do if i forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, just click the sign in option on the top of the main page under the gender option.

Once there under login option just click the forgot your password link and create a new password.

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